Our analytical chemistry work started in 1995 by employing turboflow chromatography and mass spectrometry for the analyses of drug action in depression (in industry GSK, UK).

At present we have many targeted and untargeted molecular tests using mass spectrometry, including metabolomics, lipidomics and targeted panels (gut molecules, energy cycle, short chain fatty acids, bile acids), drugs, toxins, etc.

We also work with complex data analyses and data visualization using inference (and causal) statistics and machine learning.


Contact us to tell us about scientific collaborations, we also enjoy doing interviews & science dissemination. Please follow the links below for some examples of our science communication work over the years


Watch an introductory video about our science!

from a series of -omics lectures in 2021 

(50 min, more videos are available in You Tube under "Steno Omics")