Group Members

(Last updated February 2023)

The Legido-Quigley lab members are experts in a range of scientific fields such as biochemistry, pharmacology, medicine, clinical and analytical chemistry, statistics, bioinformatics and big data.

​Dr Tommi Suvitaival

Reseacher (Assistant Professor Level)

in Systems Medicine, Steno Diabetes Center

Tommi has been working as a researcher in Systems Medicine seen years. Before that he did a PhD in Machine Learning (2015), his expertise in in bioinformatics, biostatistics, information visualization and statistical programming with R. He is a senior data analyst in the team and oversees many projects. He oversees the IT, bioinformatics and data analyses pipelines in the team. See Tommi's publications in ORCID and visit his webpage.

Annette Frost Bjerre

Senior Biomedical Scientist

in Systems Medicine, Steno Diabetes Center

Annete joined the group in 2019 and she is a biomedical scientist with 30-year experience working in industry (Novo Nordisk). She is an expert in many molecular techniques and is currently developing methods for tissue sample preparation. She is also working in automation of sample preparation flows.

Dr Jin Xu

Visiting Senior Scientist, King's College London

Jin finished her PhD in metabolomics in King's College London in 2019. An expert in experimental omics and data science she started a postdoc working in data analyses in a range of projects in collaboration with Petra Proitsi who is also her mentor. She has been the recipient of many prizes like the Young Lipid Scientist by the Society of Chemical Industry for her work in transplantation. She managed both the Q-TOF in the lab in KCL and the running of the lab in KCL before joining a startup doing omics discovery. Publications in ORCID

Dr Karolina Sulek

Senior Reseacher (Associate Professor Level)

in Systems Medicine, Steno Diabetes Center

Karolina did her PhD at the Technical University of Denmark and a post-doc at the University of Auckland. Upon return to Denmark she set up a metabolomics facility at the University of Copenhagen, helping researchers at the NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research to understand T2D and obesity through metabolomics profiling. Her interest of the omics opened the path to proteomics at NNF Center for Protein Research in the group of Clinical Proteomics led by Matthias Mann. She will apply gained knowledge within the MicrobLiver project and ODINE project a NNF Fellowship granted to her looking at multiomics in neuropathy. Karolina's publications in Google Scholar


Ismo Mattila

Chemist in Systems Medicine, Steno Diabetes Center

Ismo is an analytical chemistry MSc that has contributed to many reports in the field with more than fifty publications to his name. He is an expert in GCxGC-QTOF and is responsable for the smooth running of projects with the platform and compound identification GC in several biological matrices. Publication in ORCID

Dr Kourosh Hooshmand

Postdoc in Systems Medicine, Steno Diabetes Center

Kuorosh joined the group in 2021. He obtained his PhD in analytical chemistry from Aarhus University in Denmark in collaboration with Fiehn lab at UC Davis. He is an expert in targeted and untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics analyses (LC-MS/MS and GC-MS). His previous work has led to identifying various metabolic markers associated with thyroid cancers and plant host defense mechanisms. His current research focuses on utilizing lipidomics and metabolomics approaches to uncover the molecular mechanism underlying Alzheimer, others dementias & diabetes. Publicationc in ORCID

I find exploring the complexity of the human metabolome fascinating and an important step towards personalized medicine"

- Asger Wretlind

Dr Gurjeet Kaur Virk

Postdoc, Steno Diabetes Center

Gurjeet completed her PhD in Clinical plasma proteomics for the identification of Alzheimer's disease biomarkers with the Scientia fellowship at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Before joining Steno, she worked at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia. She is a clinical proteomics expert in targeted and non-targeted acquisition (DIA and DDA) methods. She is applying various plasma proteomics techniques to establish the next-generation proteomics pipeline in order to identify potential biomarkers of diabetes neuropathy. Her project is funded by ODINE study, a NNF award to Dr Sulek's fellowship. Google Scholar:Gurjeet Kaur

Yun Huang

PhD Candidate Visiting Systems Medicine 2022-23, Steno Diabetes Center

Yun is an expert in genetics and data science. She is investigating obesity in children from a genetic and lipids integrative point fo view. Her supervisor is Torben Hansen at the CBMR University of Copenhagen.

Asger Wretlind

PhD Candidate in Systems Medicine, Steno Diabetes Center

Asger did a Masters in biochemistry and a project in industry (Novozymes). After that he joined our team in 2018 and worked in the targeted metabolomics and lipidomics platform. His PhD project looks into individual metabolic response to diabetes treatments and investigate biomarkers that can be used to direct personalized treatment. He oversees the pipeline for lipidomics analyses with CLQ via the QTOF. Publications in ORCID

Proteomics is the key to unlocking the full potential of precision medicine, allowing us to develop targeted therapies that are tailored to the specific needs of individual patients and their unique disease profiles."

- Gurjeet Kaur Virk

Dr Shaodong Wei

Postdoc, Steno Diabetes Center

Shaodong is an expert in data science. He did his PhD in the University of Copenhagen and after this worked as a senior data scientist in industry (Shangai, China). His project is funded by ODINE study, a NNF award to Dr Sulek's fellowship.

Thanks to visiting Systems Medicine I was able to work on two clinical studies"

Alicia Gomez Pascual

Alicia Gomez Pascual

PhD Candidate Visiting Systems Medicine 2022-23, Steno Diabetes Center

Alicia is an expert in computational biology and artificial intelligence, she applies these techniques to understand neurodegenerative disease. Her supervisor is Juan A. Botía informatics Professor at the University Murcia. GitHub

Visolakhon Ismoilova

PAQC MSc Candidate 22-23 Kings College London

Visola is investigating the best method to measure endocannabinoids molecules. She is extracting quantitative data and applying the FDA absolute quantitation guidelines for 25+ molecules in cerebrospinal fluid. The method will be applied in CSF samples from people with mild cognitive impairment. 

Salaha Ali

MPharm Candidate 22-23 Kings College London

Slaha is investigating the literature for neuropathy drug design. She is focusing on protein targets and extracting the most promising molecular pathways to cure this complication of diabetes.

Anissa Rosen

MPharm Candidate 22-23 Kings College London

Anissa is investigating the variation of lipidomics analyses, focusing in molecules that are added to the analyses as quality controls. Her experiments involve sample preparation for lipidomics from plasma samples in an aging cohort.

Alumni and past lab members

The discoveries made in the CLQ lab are contributions

from present and past lab members and many collaborators.

The first mini group was formed at King's College London in 2007

thanks to two visitors, Nello from Italy and Isabel from Spain, and Nicola a mature master student from the UK.

Since then, many scientists have trained and made scientific discoveries in the group. The academic output is a body of work comprising more than 200 scientific publications in prestigious journals, masters of science and PhD theses."



Postdoctoral Fellows (current company/institution): Dr Andressa Zawadski (Nordic Biosciences, Denmark), Dr Mina Ali (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Dr Peter Heriksen (RegionH, Denmark), Dr Amera Ebshiana (Imperial College London, UK),  Dr Nadia Nielsen Aalling (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Dr Min Kim (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Dr Kajetan Trost (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Dr Linda Ahonen (Biosynthia, Denmark), Dr Ashfaq Ali (AstraZeneca, Sweden), Dr Stuart Snowden (Royal Holloway University, UK), Dr Petra Proitsi (King's College London, UK), Dr Arundhuti Sen (Glaxo SmithKline, UK).

PhD Alumni (current company/instituiton): Dr Jodie Lord (NHS, UK), Anchisa Poonprasartporn (Sirindhorn College Public Health, Thailand), Dr Naba Al-Sari (Steno Diabetes Center, Denmark), Dr Jenn Nguyen (Waters Corp, US), Dr Jin Xu (King's College London, UK), Dr Amera Ebshiana (Imperial College London, UK), Dr Min Kim (Universy of Copenhagen, Denmark), Dr Pei Han (Pekin Union Medical College, China), Dr Anuri Shah (JOVE, India), Dr Wael Aljohani (University of Jeddah, Saudi), Dr Yao Yao Wang (WuXi Biologics, China), Dr Michael Jones (Waters Corp, US), Dr Erin Chambers (Waters Corp, US), MPhil Farnoush Azadi (Mibeg-Instituu Medizin, Germany), Dr Luke Whiley (Murdoch University, Australia), Dr James Heaton (Pfizer, UK), Dr Saowalak (Aor) Whungsinsujarit (TRIA, Thai Goverment, Thailand), Dr Shana Jacob (Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar), Dr Kittipong Sitthisinthu (TRIA, Thai Goverment, Thailand ), Dr Hsiao Ching Foo (Singapore Turf Club, Singapore).

Biomedical Staff: Nina Christiansen, Birgitte Neergards-Robert.

Academic Visitors: Dr Khalid Al-Qahtani, Dr Martina Palomino-Schatzelin, Dr Lin Zheng, Dr Ana Maria Casas, Dr Diego Garcia Gomez, Maria Tena, Prof Wenhui Gao, Prof Yong Huang, Dr Isabel Garcia-Perez, Antonio Grassano, Christina Abundis, Dr Raquel Hernandez.

Master Programme Research Thesis & Alumni:

Jesse-Marie Havill (2021-2022), Nathalie Gan (2021-2022), Raman Kaila (2020-2021), Faheem Ali (2020-2021), Ling Wang (2020), Chris Tsoi (2019-2020), Gulcan Yasar (2019-2020), Elmi Galado, Sabiha Hussain, Ho Chan, Tahmina Ahmad, Yangfei Cheng, Nan Liu,  Koo Wee Hiew, Kam Cheng, Vinesh Solanki, Mohammad Ally Hassan, Esther Santos-Gyasi, Lax Elanganathan, Faiza Sulaiman, Danting Wang, Mariam Mangal, Yaa Martey, Zohal Sakhi, Pelak Patel, Nuria Camina, Ali Ghalib Sheikh, Geetika Shah, Shreeya Patel, Maltina Shkodra, Wang Xiaoyu, Amish Patel, Kebedom Ghebrehiwet, Anna Allam, Dhiren Dayal, Setova Kpedekpo, Vinotha Tharmarajah, Maria del Carmen Velazquez Ortiz, Hajrah Yunus, Cheng Jiang, Nena Mistry, Zuo Chengchun, Archana Gnana Sekharan, Enoch Adjetey, Ting Yu, Oloma Nwodu, Tanika Rhule, Mufadal Jivanjee, Konstantina Papaspyridonos, Xiayan Li, Anna Mazgaj, Yingzi Hong, Echo, Sebastian Chinnu M, Sani Dennis Kerauni, Nicola Greenberg, Mahomed Suleman, Deena Patel, Krupali Joia, Rehan Ahmed, Nadira Mehjabin, Zeena Gosrani.