The EMIF-AD was a highly succesful consortium investigating dementia. Here we found new molecules that related to lack of sleep & dementia. We are using AI on the data to design diagnostics. (2019)


Our research goal is to discover clinical tests for diagnostics and new disease treatments. We work on neuro and metabolic diseases and particulalrly in disease that affects the brain and the liver, like Alzheimer's Disease and Diabetes.

Our science is at the interface between chemistry and medicine and we are experts in biotechnology and the use of data science to allow the detection of thousands of small molecules / lipids in order to understand the underlying biology in disease.

We can get molecular data with mass spectrometry instruments and perform data analytics, including machine learning, to understand this biology. In order to translate results into the clinic we also work with clinical trials and evidence portfolios for EMA approval. This field of research can be called systems medicine, because it integrates -omic data and clinical data together to understand health.  

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In collaboration with NIH we showed how sugar was linked to risk of dementia symptoms in later live. This work has a follow up study looking in detail into brain tissue metabolism. (2017)


We are very grateful for the samples that volunteers and donors give us and make our research possible.

As well, we thank all our collaborators and the funding bodies and sponsors that fund our research.